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Candle Wax Removal from your Carpets, Brick Fireplaces, Garments, Votive Cups and Glass On a Wall, Counter Tops or even Down the Drain. Velvet


The Brown Paper Bag and Iron method does seem to work very well on fabric and carpets as we get hundreds of people telling us that they used the method successfully. Removing from a wall or fireplace is a bit more difficult but readers have suggested steam irons, hair driers and hot air blowers, also propane torches (Caution), and solvents. Freezing can work too, as can using Dry Cleaning Fluid. Good Luck.

- Important warning - Caution too much heat can damage your carpet or garment !! 

Candle Wax Removal from Carpets. After reading everyone's ideas about using a hot iron and the steam from the iron, it occurred to me that I had a steamer that I had acquired to remove wallpaper. This worked great the steam instantly melted the wax and a paper towel soaked it right up ! -- Beth Kramer Lakewood, Colorado

Wax on Carpet. Some ice in a small pan and place it on top of the wax to make it brittle, then after breaking it up and getting rid of the lumps use the brown paper bag and the iron trick. It worked for me. Mehri Mehmoun

Candle Wax I just tried the hot iron, paper towel suggestion...WOW. I just saved my shirt and jeans. My late wife would be proud of me. THANKS!!! -- WoodCarver98

Q: Candle Wax Stains.  The best way to get rid of stains is not to get them in the first place, there are a few simple ways to avoid them:
1. Buy better candles, cheap candles have lots of additives in them that cause them to stain worse, try a candle that is nothing but paraffin wax, scent, color, and steric acid (the acid helps the candle wax burn away so there is little to no dripping.) 
2. Even dripless candles drip if there is a draft near where they are burning, make sure they are not near any open windows, fans, or heater vents. 
3. Make sure that the candle holder is big enough to hold any spillovers. 
4. Never blow out your candles, use a snuffer, if you don't have one a shot glass or juice glass over the wick until the flame is out works great. and 
5. if you have just put a candle out don't move it until the wax has solidified again. -- Hope this helps - BoBoTiger (niki nance)

Candlewax on Carpets

Q: Getting Candle Wax off of Berber Carpet Hello I spilt candle wax onto my berber carpet. What can I do to remove the wax? Thank you. -- Stephanie D. Isom Reply (Ref:0706)

Q: Candle Wax Removal -- Most carpets are made of nylon and heat melts nylon and other fibers. Believe me I used an electric iron and cloth --- melted my inlayed carpet in the kitchen. I purchased "GOOF OFF" which acts like WD40 . But have not needed it yet. Chaz --  Reply

Q: Burned Berber. I have a friend who tried the iron and paper towel method of wax removal from her Berber carpet who ended up with burn marks from the iron along with the red wax stain so use caution if you attempt this method of wax removal. --"Sheila DeMarco" Reply

A: Candle wax removal After some experimenting, I found setting the hot iron on the steam setting  and holding it just above the carpet to preheat the stain prior to placing  on the paper towel seems to offer better results. (Please with-hold email address) Dr. Bane

Q: Purple Wax Stains in my Berber Carpet. What can i use to remove colored wax off my beige colored area Berber carpet I have. So do you have a good solution, I don't want to remove the carpet as heavy furniture is on the carpet. Email me now with a answer if possible. Thanks -- Debbie Seguin Reply

A: Candle Wax Removal To anyone interested: After reading about using an iron to get candle wax out of carpet, I had to give it a shot. I had a puddle of green wax, about 4x4 inches, and soaked into beige carpet. I laid a very absorbent (Scott brand) paper towel down over the stain area. I set my iron to it's highest setting, and without touching the paper towel, hovered the iron less than an inch away and steamed through the paper towel. Using a putty knife, I pressed the paper towel against the stain, and it would soak it up. I repeated this process MANY times until eventually all of the wax was soaked into the paper towel, and there I had my carpet back to normal! Hope this helps answer.. Yes, the iron trick works! -John Darst-

A: How to Remove Candle Wax    I spilt a SERIOUS amount of candle wax on the carpet of my apartment. I would've had to pay hundreds of dollars to replace it until I heard about a great tool. Putting a brown paper bag (a Burger King bag will work!) over the wax spill after it's dried and ironing on top of it WORKS LIKE A CHARM almost instantaneously. It removed every drop of wax and saved me a ton of money. Works Every time! -- "Elizabeth Hartwick"

Q: How do I get wax out of carpet? I spilled wax from a candle on my carpet. How do i remove it w/out ruining the carpet? -- Mountain Gal Beth   Reply (Ref:0342)

A: Removing Candle Wax from Carpets. Try using a steam iron, without water. Set the iron on cotton, with newspaper laid over the candle wax. As the steam is released, the wax will soak into the newspaper. May take a few tries to get the setting right, but has worked for a friend of mine. David -- dwm

Q: Wax on carpet. Hi do you have any idea how to remove melted wax from carpets? I think that if I try the iron trick it will just sink deeper into the carpet. Any help? Thanks --  Jason & Kristin Sajdak Reply (Ref:0162)

A: Wax on Carpet. Try using butain (butane?) gas like the type u fill lighters with, spray it on to the wax and it will become brittle and easy to break up and remove. -- Tom & Julie Mackley -- Reply. Sep 23 2006

A: Removing Wax from Carpets just this day removed paraffin wax from my carpeting using the warm iron over a thin towel. went back and forth with the iron, lifted the towel and then scraped the wax off with a regular soup spoon and repeated until it was ALL GONE...no stain, no spot...it was clear paraffin, not colored...so I can't speak for what the colored wax might do...but clear will come off easily...10 minutes tops!!! cjw Reply (carolwalker)

Q: Candle Wax out of Berber carpet?   Hello, We would like to know how to get out candle wax out of Berber carpet? We are getting ready to move out of this house and would like to know how to get rid of the wax. Any thing would help thank you. -- Angela 

A: Wax in Carpet. In the event you haven't gotten a response to your question about getting the wax out of the carpet... i have the perfect solution for you ... or if you have already moved here is some helpful advice for the future.... lay down newspaper over the wax take a hot iron over the top of the newspaper and the wax will melt right into the paper.... same idea works for carmel and those icky fillings that come in valentines candys except don't use the newspaper use a wet towel... otherwise you'll just end up with newspaper and candy stuck to your carpet... hope i could help.--  Brandie W.

A: Removing Candle Wax from Carpets. Try using a steam iron, without water. Set the iron on cotton, with newspaper laid over the candle wax. As the steam is released, the wax will soak into the newspaper. May take a few tries to get the setting right, but has worked for a friend of mine. -- David dwm Feb 19 2007

Q: Orange Wax on Carpet. How would I get orange candle wax off my carpet I knocked my candle over and it went all over I thought maybe ice cubes would work please help. -- Dolly Holc Reply 2 Feb 2011

A: Hi Dolly, Removing wax from a carpet is difficult, using ice cubes and breaking it up is good, but you will still be left with a bit remaining, this can be removed with a simple trick if you own a carpet cleaner; you should boil water in a kettle and with one person using the carpet cleaner pour boiling water onto the residual wax. Hope it works for you, -- Regards Eddie Torr

A: Wax on carpets  my son tried the  paper towel and iron trick to remove  wax from his carpet and thank you it worked great... just lay paper towel over the wax and place warm iron on the paper towel, repeat until the wax is gone ...... thank you   kissboobaby (Ref:0988)

Q: Candle Wax on Carpet. Help!!! I have melted candle wax on my carpet. How do I get it out. It has already dried and hardened. -- P and S of SF Reply

Candlewax on Velvet

Q: Remove candle wax from blue velvet dress. What's the best way to remove candle wax from my daughter's blue velvet dress? Thanks. -- Reply (Teresa Vereen) (Ref:0640)

A: Ref.0640 Hi! After seeing suggestions re ironing over a candle wax stain with paper bag in between: It worked! It took lots of red candle wax off my good black velvet dress, instantly, leaving no trace. Now I wish I had saved all the table cloths, etc. that were "ruined" with candle wax spills. I don't see why it wouldn't work with any fabric, including berber carpets. And with care, wouldn't it also work on a table? You'd just have to be careful while wielding the iron! Bev -- John and Bev Preston     

Q: Candlewax- Velvet. My daughter spilled candle wax on a 32-year-old velvet gown. Thanks, BJS Reply


Q: Candle Wax How can I remove candle wax from kitchen countertops? Thanks -- Carol Cuccatti   Reply  (Ref:0332)

A: I have found that if you put some ice cubes on your wax and let it freeze or get very, very cold, the wax will just chip right off. This applies to counter tops, candle holders or anything that is not a material such as clothes, carpet, etc. -- Ryan Crystal  

Q: Can you help me please. I spilled candle wax all over my favorite jeans and I can not seem to find away to get it out . In desperate need of help !!! Thanks -- Jennifer  Reply   (Ref:0163)

Answer 1 : I know that candle wax can be dissolved in carbon tetrachloride, however it is toxic and should not be used indoors, methyl alcohol is also supposed to dissolve wax so perhaps rubbing alcohol will work.-- Davina Martin

Feedback on on Answer 1: Getting wax off counter tops. Davina Martin suggested that rubbing alcohol might work to take spilled wax off of counter tops. I tried it, it works like a charm. I poured a little directly on the wax (after I'd chipped off most of it and there was a thin film of it left) and wiped it with paper towel. It came right off with not a lot of effort. Thx much to Davina and qznaz.info for the help. Now I'm going to try getting the wax out of my carpet, using two methods I read about on qznaz.info also. -- C T Comment

Answer #2: Has anyone tried "Dabitoff"? it is dry cleaning fluid and can be used for a whole host of similar stains. Please give any feedback on this one as it is a frequently asked question. Regards -- www.qznaz.com

Q: Candle wax on Cloth Table Runner. I would like to know the solution for removing candle wax off a cloth table runner. if you can help I would appreciate it thank you for your time -- john and leeann perrine Reply 

A: An Ice cube applied to the wax will make it brittle and it can be broken up easier (like chewing gum).

A: A helpful reader has suggested that dry cleaning fluid should dissolve candle wax. "Dabitoff" is the proprietary name for a suitable domestic cleaning product-- www.qznaz.com

Candlewax in Drain

The best way is mechanical removal; disassemble the trap underneath the sink and remove the wax. Scrape it out or melt it; you can pour boiling water into the trap or use a heat gun or steam source, but if you do use hihg temperature methods try not to damage the trap. Alternatively a good plumber's suppliers will sell you a solvent but do read the instructions particularly the safety section - Ed

Q: Melted Candle Wax in Drain Somehow my aunt ended up with candle wax going down the drain. How does she remove it? -- Happy reading, -- Di Herald Reply

Q: Candle Wax in Sink. Have candle making wax in kitchen sink. Help can't get water to go down at all  -- Kentucky Chat Group  --  Reply 

A: Wax Down Drain. Regarding the question with the heading "Candle Wax Clogged Drain of wash basin in bath." We had this problem last night, and looked at your site for suggestions. The solution you recommended was mechanical removal, but the wax was too far down for us to do that without taking apart the drain.

What we did was boil a huge pot full of water, then dump the scalding water down the drain. It drained very slowly at first (as before), but by the time we had poured the whole pot down the drain had completely cleared (presumably by melting the wax). We continued to flush with hot tap water for a while, to make sure the wax didn't collect elsewhere in the system. Thanks for collecting answers on your site! -- Jonathan Aldrich

Q: Candle Wax Clogged Drain of Wash Basin. What is the best or the most convenient way to remove melted wax from the face basin? A candle the size of a half of an orange had melted and was on fire and someone push the container with the hot wax in the face basin and down the drain. Any help will be appreciated. -- Reply

Q: Candle Wax in Sink. Have candle making wax in kitchen sink. Help can't get water to go down at all  Kentucky Chat Group  --  Reply  24 Jan 2004

A: We suggested mechanical removal, any more ideas? -- www.qznaz.com  

Garments and Fabric

Q: Candle Wax removal from clothes. Be sure to put a towel or hot pad between the legs if removing from pant legs. The brown paper bag/iron suggestion worked like magic. The steam heat from the iron transfers the wax from the garment to the paper. I did not put any pressure from the iron onto the paper. Just held it slightly above it. -- J L 27/12/09

Q: Wax. How do you remove melted wax from clothing? -- "dmiller g" Reply  (Ref:0020)

A: If you will lay a brown paper bag over the garment before you iron over it then keep moving the bag around it will absorb the wax -- Magand

A: Candle wax can be dissolved in dry cleaning fluid however it is toxic and should not be used indoors unless there is very good ventilation. Placing a garment in the freezer or applying ice can make the wax brittle and it can then be broken up. Please give us feedback on this one as it is a frequently asked question. Regards -- AK

A: One way to get rid of this it to get a cloth, place it on the wax, put the hot iron on top of it, wait till it melts, remove the iron, wait till its cool again and lift the cloth off. It should remove most of the wax.

A: To remove candle wax from clothing: place a paper towel over the wax then place a warm iron on the paper towel - this melts the wax which gets soaked into the towel....voila! - Why

Candlewax in Glass Votive Containers

Q: Melted wax. how can I remove melted wax from the bottom of votive cups without scratching or breaking the fragile glass which is a special gift -- Julie Johnson Reply (Ref:0165)

Answer#1: How to remove candle wax from glass votive containers Place the glass candle holder in the freezer for a few hours (2-3 hrs at least) then take them out and use a butter knife and "pop" out the old wax. Works for me every time. Then if you want to, wash the holders in really hot soapy water to clean and re-use them again. --  ITSRISS  Comment

Answer#2: How to remove Candlewax from Glass Votive Containers A chandler's tip (used to clean equipment)...

1.Take a disposable aluminum pie tin that does not contain any holes (check for holes by first filling with water, then dry out THOROUGHLY before proceeding to the next step).

2. Preheat your oven to 175-200 degrees. No hotter, as wax is flammable at high temps!

3. Place the aluminum pie tin inside a deep, glass baking dish to catch any possible wax spills. (You do not want to spill any wax inside your oven when using this technique, as it will smoke and catch fire later at higher temps).

4. Place your votive containers upside down inside aluminum pie tin, so that as wax melts, it will drain into the pie tin.

5. Place in oven, and check every 20 minutes. When wax has liquified and drained into pie tin, remove from oven.

6. Glasses will be hot! Pick up with a paper towel to prevent burned fingers, and wipe glass thoroughly with paper towels to absorb any residue wax. If wax has spilled into glass baking dish, wipe with paper towels while it is still hot.

7. If wax has been removed, but a light waxy film remains, wash votive glasses in hot water or run through dishwasher. 

8. Let wax cool and solidify inside pie tin. When completely cool, throw away. The best tip of all is a preventative one. Spray a light coating of vegetable cooking spray inside votive glasses before inserting votive candles. Melted candles will slide out easily later! -- Fawn Martin Rubedo Candles

Answer#3: If you put water in the glass then it is possible to SLOWLY heat it up in a microwave oven to a temperature that would soften or perhaps even melt the wax. If there is gold patterning on the glass do not microwave. -- Patience Chan Hong Kong

Answer#4: Dry Cleaning fluid, if you can get it, dissolves candle wax. www.qznaz.com

Answer#5: Candle Wax in Votive Cups Hope you were able to get the wax out of your votive cups. A prevention hint--next time put a small amount of water in the bottom of the votive cup and then place the candle in it. The water will keep the wax from sticking and the candle remains will come out easily. -- Annette Robertson

Answer#6: Removing Candle Wax From Glass Holder   In answer to cleaning candle wax out of Glass Votive cups or any glass candle holder. If you heat water ( in the tap if it gets hot enough ) to just before boiling you can A: set the container in the water and put a little in the holder. Take the container out of the water ( carefully the water WILL burn you) the melted candle wax will slide right out. Do not let water in holder cool down, dump water out of it before attempting to slide out wax.  -- Hot Marine Girl 99   Comment

Answer#7: Wax Rremoval from Votive. Found easier way, prior to use, so thought I'd let you know! Place Dawn, Joy, etc, in bottom of votive, prior to use. Afterwards left over wax just pops out and you can wash votive in dishwasher. Hope this helps! Leah -- Leah Barwick.

Answer#8: How to remove candle wax from glass votive containers Place the candle holders in the freezer for a few hours (2-3 hrs at least) then take them out and use a butter knife and "pop" out the old wax. Works for me every time. Then if you want to, wash the holders in really hot soapy water to clean and re-use them again. -- 21 Oct 2002

Q: Crystal bowl  I have a large crystal bowl that someone melted a giant candle in. I think they left it out in the hot sun with a giant candle and it melted. I don't know how to get it out without hurting the crystal bowl. It's 2/3 full of the candle. any ideas? --  paulina Reply  (Ref:0854) The above answers should give you some ideas DE

A: Removing Candle Wax From Deep Containers

Warm to hot water
Marseilles soap (liquid)
3M scouring pad
Length of bent wire
15 minutes patience

Fill the container with the warm to hot water, and add a generous dash of the magical Marseilles soap. Scour gently with the 3m pad, and if it gets stuck at the bottom of an an awkward hole, extract it with the bent wire. This worked well for me with a deep narrow vase that had been used as a candle holder. Where did I get the idea from? The local pharmacy in Bellac, France who helped me get all four fingers unglued from super glue - with said magical Marseilles soap. If you can't obtain it in your country, come to France and buy some! -- Anon in France


Brick and Concrete

Q: Candle Wax on Brick Fireplace. Is the best way to try to iron this off a la fabric tile? Is there a better way, or are ironing or carbon tetrachloride the only solutions? Thanks. -- “Jim Robertson Reply  (Ref:0069)

Q: Wax Stains on Fireplace Bricks. I was wondering how to rid myself of wax stains on the fireplace bricks? We had some candles lit on the mantle, then they dripped all over the bricks!! I waited until it was dry, and then scraped up the excess, but the oily stain still remains. I tried using heat to remove it, but that only made the stain bigger. Please help me! Regards. -- Angela M. Kennedy Reply (Ref:0168)

A: Wax Stains on Brick Fireplace. -- I often use a blow dryer to melt the wax off certain things. But you need to be ready to wipe the wax immediately as it melts, especially since you are suggesting that you have colored candles. Suggest you try a small area first. -- Mario De Blasio.

Q: How to get Wax off a Concrete Fireplace Hearth I have a wax stain on my hearth about 8 inches in diameter. I have tried a hair dryer but the wax is too deep to get off. Any help would be appreciated --Joseph Sassone Reply ( (Ref:0678)

Response: Stain off of a Fireplace. Hello Joseph . Any luck with your candle stain on your fireplace? I used a heat gun and got off most of it but now have what looks like a big grease stain on the brick. Thought of using Mineral spirits next... Did you have any luck with your candle on the fireplace stain? -Scott from Minnesota. -- Scott & Kim Rickhoff 5/10/08

Q: Removing candle wax stain from concrete hearth. Help! I have tried the paper bag and iron trick, but that does not do much, actually seems to make it worse. My father suggested taking a blow torch to it to burn it out, but that seems quite extreme! Has anyone found a way to clean up this type of stain on concrete? Thank you!! -- Dana -- Reply5th October 2004 (Ref:1014)

A: Candle Wax from Brick: Burn off with small propane torch. Scrape off as much as possible 1st., and vacuum. -- Ron Duffy

Q: Candle Wax on Brick.  I recently had wax candles sitting on the brick hearth of my fireplace. The candle wax melted all over the bricks and I have been unable to find a complete process of removing the wax and the stains. I did contact a local brick company and they highly recommended not to use any type of heat because it would set the stain even deeper into the brick. They also recommended a product from Prosoco called Sure Klean Fast Acting Stripper, however, after reading all the information about it, it seems highly toxic and highly flammable. Any Help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Marina Reply 25/05/2005(Ref:1153)

Q: Candle Wax on Sofa How can I get green candle wax off of my new yellow sofa, I have already tried the brown paper bag and hot iron. It did not take it all out. Anything else? Reply  (Judith Dodson) (Ref:0568)

A: Candle Wax. I used a Iron & paper towels, I put a towel over the paper towel and the wax came off on the paper towel, It took more than one application but I had a lot of it on mine. Hope it works for you.. Nita -- Nita Johnes 11/08/08

Q: candle wax on couch?  Did anyone ever give you a good solution as to getting candle wax of a couch? I am in the same predicament right now -- Andrea Kelly Reply 5 Feb 2004 (Ref:0964)

Q: Candle Wax. I recently saw a submission saying there is no way to get out candle wax... Not true... Its easy... Just use a cloth or brown paper bag... And iron over the stain... The candle wax will then transfer to the cloth or bag... Just make sure to keep the iron in motion so as not to catch the bag on fire... In college... A candle melted all over our new carpet... And this trick worked like a dream! -- Amy Gehrt Reply  

A: Spilled Candle Wax  Have you ever spilled candle wax and not know how to clean it up?  It's almost as bad a chewing gum in your hair! We'll I have a solution to the spilled wax problem. Buy Mia Bella's Scented Soy/Veg Candles! Mia Bella's Soy/Veg Candles are water soluble, so you can clean any wax spill with plain old SOAP & WATER!! Mia Bella's Scented Candles are also Clean Burning...90% Soot Free...Non Toxic & Triple Scented I challenge you find a better Scented Candle...ANYWHERE!! Go Cheers -- BILL ROBERTS -- Reply  

Candlewax on Wall

Q: Candle wax on walls. I have a green candle on a table that is close to my white wall in the living room. After I blew out my candle, green wax splattered on the wall. I got the wax off, but the green dye still remains. How do I clean this off without taking the paint off with it? If anyone has any ideas, please email me at -- Reply Thank you, this site is great! -- C Bruce Pris (Ref:0167)

Q: Candlewax Wall Type:   I recently got candlewax on my non-gloss white wall at home from a wall votive holder, Have any suggestions that wont make the paint come off the wall? -- Amber Bjork Reply Apr 18 05 (Ref:1083) "Your elevation will depend on your expectation." ~ Dr. J. Mac Allen ~

A: Removing Candle Wax from a Wall. Try holding a steam iron a few inches from the wall with wax and shoot the steam on the wall (don't touch the iron to the wall). As the was starts to melt, wipe it with a towel; continue the process until all the wax is removed,. This worked for me --  Foggy 14/08/2005

Q: Candle Wax Spots on Wall I just blew out a candle...now I know better and got wax all over the wall. how did you ever clear up your wax mess. The wall looks awful now that I tried to use my fingernail to remove the wax. i had a hundred wax spots. Should I try and paint the wall? -- Mary Ellen 03/08/2005

Q: Candle wax. What is the safe way to remove a large amount of candle wax on a cherry end table? A glass candle holder cracked and leaked. Thank you.-- Reply  

Q: Wax. How do I remove old candle wax from a sniffer shaped glass bowl? -- Bill and Judy Salomon . 14/01/08

Q: Candle Wax Removal. I have used the steam iron method many times and works like magic. However, my question, is Soy candle wax removal the same as regular candle wax removal, soy candles are very "oily". Any suggestions from anyone? The removal would be for carpet and clothing. Thanks. -- Lisa Mayles. Reply. 29/02/08

Q: Dried Candle Wax. I have dried candle was (a lot of it) in a wide bottom and narrow at the top glass container...I've tried most everything to get the wax out without breaking the container which is an expensive one....Can you please advise how to do this? I've tried the microwave...melting the wax but the wick is now gone, etc.....Thanks... -- Reply 4/02/09

Q: I ruined my pots, with candle wax!!!! I had a candle get stuck to my candle plate holder, So I took a pot and boiled it on low for about 15 about mins. I went to rinse out the pot, not thinking I turned on the water so quickly, cold water and all the wax froze! I was devastated, my fiancé and I just bought a new place and received our new dinner set as a housewarming gifts, and they were very expensive! How do I get it off…? I have rinsed and rinsed and rinsed with hot water and soap, the more I clean it, the more it seeps into the pot! Please, please tell me anything or suggestions that will help! My mother in law bought us a whole set of pots, and pans. I don’t want her to know I ruined the new pots she just bought! And our dinner party is a week! -- Thank you -- Alana C. Reply 07/02/10


Q: Remove Candlewax I need to either find a way to remove wax from ceramic candle holders that do not have a glossy finish or find a way to paint over the remaining wax.. I have removed the majority of the wax but there is still a very thin layer remaining. I wanted to repaint the candle sticks but I don't think that paint will stick to the wax. Please help!!!!!! -- "Jen Fiege" Reply  (Ref:0222)

Q: Melted Wax  Hi, my son-in-law got candle wax all over one of his dress shirt. I removed the wax by using a hot iron on top of tissue paper. All the hard residue is gone, however a large greasy-looking stain is left and nothing seems to remove it. Please, please help me. Thank you. -- Arlette  Citron Reply 23 Jul 2002 (Ref:0758) 

Q: Unusual candle wax stain. I had a candle sitting on my coffee table and, unfortunately, did not set something under it. I do not have melted wax drippings to deal with because this is one of the fairly large 3 wick candles. When I went to move the candle, there was a huge red imprint of where it had been sitting. Does anyone know how to remove THIS kind of stain? HELP! -- Lorri -- Reply  27 Jul 2002 (Ref:0767) 

Candle wax on leather.    I saw on your site some ideas on how to remove candle wax from fabric, but I got candle was on my favorite pair of soft leather shoes. I let it get hard and have not touched it, for fear of scratching the surface. Help! - DJC Reply "Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar." ?Drew Carey 23 Sep 2002

Q: Candle wax on my table and stereo. I recently had candle wax spilled on my desk and all over my stereo. What is the easiest way to remove it with out damaging either? -- "Jennifer Oldread" Reply 5 Nov 2002 (Ref:0831)

Q: wax on a wall  Hi, I have splashed my wall with candle wax and I'm having difficulty getting it off. I've got some off by using a cloth and iron, but it is still leaving a pink stain on the wall. Is there anything I can do to get the stain off?  -- Kelly Welch Reply 26 Nov 2002 (Ref:0856)

candle wax    Hi..Do you have any suggestions on how to get spilled candle wax clean in an oven...Please help! -- Keri" tkd 4 Jan 2003 (Ref:0902)

Q: Candle Wax. What can I use to move candle wax from a blouse! Thanks! Naomi N Patton Reply  22 Dec 2003 (Ref:1064)

Q: Candle Wax on Carpet  while walking through my newly carpeted home, my cat was right behind me, i suddenly turned stepped on his neck collided with an end table fell on it spilling hot wax on the carpet and giving myself several headaches one of which is now candle wax in my new carpet. Were you able to get yours out and if so how? Dave -- david marks Reply   16 Jan 2004 (Ref:1069)

Q: Candle Wax in Pet's hair. I was needing to know if you had any suggestions on how to get candle wax out of my dogs hair. It is a short haired dog..but a pretty  good bit of wax dripped on her. Can't really use hot water or iron but  I was wondering if there was some type of solution or solvent that  might work. Thanks, Bridgett Melton Reply March 26, 2004 (Ref:0998)

Q: Candle wax on leather  I had a party at my house and someone had knocked over a candle spilling wax all over the side of my leather couch. The person did not immediately wipe off any wax nor did they mention the spill so my couch was left with a pretty bad wax stain. I tried the iron and paper towel and was able to get most of the wax off, but now I'm left with a big patch that looks like a stain. Please help!! Dung Mao -- Reply 09 September 2004 (Ref:1050)

Q: wax on table. How do I remove candle wax from a glass table top? I thought about heat but I am afraid it will break the glass. -- Meszaros Tracey Reply  20 September 2004 (Ref:1009

)Q: Candle Wax Overflow: Help! I have some candles that are loaded with wax over the wick as taller candles "leaked" wax into smaller ones. Any ideas on how to get the wax out without cutting the candle with a knife?? Thanks, Judy -- 'Judy & Dave Schroeter' Reply Mar 23 2005 (Ref:1088)

Q: Candle wax removal (In oven): How do you remove candle wax from the oven? I needed my candle to melt quickly so that I could find the three stems. Unfortunately, the aluminum pan that I put the candle in had a few holes and the wax dripped into the oven. I cleaned as much as I could with comet, a scrubber, and hot water, but it still is not 100% out of my oven yet. Any suggestions? -- Kimberly Armstrong Reply Mar 25 2005 (Ref:1085)

Q: Candlewax Wall.  I recently got candlewax on my non-gloss white wall at home from a wall votive holder, Have any suggestions that wont make the paint come off the wall? -- Reply 19/04/2005

Q: Candle Wax on LCD TV  A friend of mine has managed to get Candle Wax on her LCD TV Screen, anyone know how to remove it without damaging the screen? Reply  09/05/2005  (Ref:1130)

Q: candle wax on deck  How do I remove candle wax that was spilled on our deck?  Sandy Campbell, Pinawa, Manitoba  Reply 01/08/2005(Ref:1156)

Q: candle wax. How do I get candle wax out of my dishwasher? All of my dishes have a waxy residue on them. Help! -- Rebecca   Reply 13/09/2005  (Ref:1176)

Q: Dabitoff . Do anyone know where I might purchase the product that I saw you mention on a website called, "Dabitoff" (in the United States) to get out candle wax? thanks. Linda Basford ' Reply. Jan 21 2007 (Ref:1326)

Q: Candle Wax on Carpet  How can I remove candle wax from my carpet. A large portion has been  removed by hand, but there still remains the residue of the melted wax in  my carpet. Someone suggested I use a cleaning product containing  citrus. Has anyone heard of this? Thanks. -- Rosmarie Gibbon Reply

Q: Wax in Animal Fur My pet rabbit knocked over a large outdoor Citrus candle that had sat in the rain and got wax all over his face and arms. The candle wasn't lit, but the wax was liquid and now his fur is stiff with this stuff, even around his mouth. Does anyone know a safe way to remove it? -- "LuAnn Krause" Reply 3 Aug 2002 (Ref:0796)

A: Wax on Bunny . If there is still wax on your bunnies fur if you rub the wax with an ice cube it will get hard and peel off without hurting him - I learned this when the same thing happened to my long haired cat. -- Debbie  "Debbie Mann, RN, CCM" Reply  3 Feb 2004

Q:Beeswax. Please tell me how to remove beeswax from a plugged kitchen sink...thanks -- Lorraine Reply 5 Aug 2010

Q: Removing Wax. - Hi, I have a nexwood deck at a rental, the nexwood product is a composition plastic, formed deck, evidently it is very porous, because candle wax made a big stain on it, what can i use? if you need to google Nexwood, that might help. I will pay any thing as it is going to cost me $300.00 to replace, and repair it. thanks diana Reply

Q: Candle Wax in Drain. OK how can we do it?? We had a candle sitting in the bidet to combat catbox odors. Damn thing burned down and ran down the drain. Any thoughts? -- Lucian Ferster Reply

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