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Q: Endpoint for lines when drawing in 'Word' When drawing in Word or other MS applications I can never get the lines I draw to start and finish exactly where I want them to. -- Alex Ward Reply

A: Press down the Alt key when drawing and this will temporarily diasable the settings for the grid -- Eddie Lamb London

Question Punctuation Symbol: what is the name of the strange symbol in the Microsoft 'Word' Formatting Toolbar? It is the one that reveals hidden punctuation and appears at the paragraph break points. Reply )

A: The symbol is called a Pilcrow. -- Eddie Lamb London

Q: Clipboard Viewer in XP. What has happened to the clipboard viewer program on Windows XP, is it still there and can I find it in the programs folder? -- andy Reply

A: Where's the Clipboard Viewer in Windows XP? It is called cilpbrd.exe and it is a useful utility if you wish to know or manipulate what is on your clipboard. It is to be found in the Windows folder on the C drive.

Open Windows folder and double-click on the System32 folder. (You may get a warning that the files are critical but go ahead anyway) Double-click in the file clipboard.exe and it should run.

If you wish to make it easily available then you can drag the file on to your Start button, it will then be available for use when you open your Start menu. Regards - David Edmunds

Q: PPS file. How do I open a .pps file? -- Hugo "hugo zagarolo" Reply   (Ref:0572)

A: .pps files are presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint and you need to have the program loaded on to your computer, either that or a "viewer program" which  works with pps documents. If you have a Mac then Keynote is the program to use.-- Davina M

Unanswered Questions


Q: Will Linux be killed off by the SCP litigation. Everyone should go over to the operating system to keep it alive. I believe that there are systems that fit on a floppy and some that can be run direct from a CD. Anyone out there can direct me to free sources. Thanks -- K Rogers  Reply 

Q: Monitor problems. When I turn on the computer, the screen is smaller than normal - has black edges and is shaking. I have to shut down again and re-start. What is happening? --  Archie & Dawn Waquan Reply  

Q: E-mail alert light  At some point in time, it flashed on my screen that my e-mail light was set for 6a.m. I would like a tip on how to change the time from 6 a.m. to whatever. Does anyone know how to do this? -- judy Reply 

Q: Some computer help please?    I have two questions. 1) Can someone access my home pc and see copies of all emails without my knowing? If so, how can I stop this? 2) I have both Outlook and Outlook Express. I can't find the answer to this one in the help file. How do you generate an automatic response to incoming emails? Is it a separate programme? Do I need to be connected to the net to be able to do it? Thanks  -- Kirsty Reply 

Q: Netscape trash folder  I dump old letters (E-mail) into the trash folder. When trying to recover a trashed E-mail I click on the trash folder and a message appears on the screen to say it is an invalid request, or something like it and the computer will close down. In reviewing the problem it says an invalid page fault in module Netscape.exe at 018F: 0056F8aa CAN ANYONE HELP ME FIX THIS PROBLEM? -- Tom Wallis Reply  


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