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Q: Artexed ceiling. We have some poorly applied Artex on our ceiling and need to remove it. Are there some solvents that can soften it or must we sand it off? -- Randy Smyth Reply 21st May(Ref:1090)

A: Artex removal. You can remove it yourself with a preparation available from some DIY outlets, it is called X-Tex and you apply it, allow it to soak in and then scrape it off. Please note that some older Artex contains Asbestos so it is always a good idea to get a sample checked out by your local council. Ray Watkinson Canterbury England. 

Caution with this material and under no circumstances should it be sanded off without a check to see if it contains asbestos. Asbestos is a deadly substance which can in most people cause an incurable cancer called Mesothelioma -- Ed

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