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Q: Barking Dogs. We have neighbors who have two great danes that bark and howl in the middle of the night. We want a solution that allows us to to stay on good terms with them. -- DE Reply

A: Barking Bogs. My friend found a way to stop a dog from barking in the middle of the night. She got up, got dressed, and walked the neighborhood until she found the barking dog. Every time the dog barked she rang the doorbell. She said if she had to be up, so should the owners! After a few times of ringing the doorbell she heard the backdoor shut and no more barking dog. She said they never came to the front door to answer the doorbell. Gotta laugh but it worked! -- Dummy bear  April 19 2005 (Ref:1080)

Q: Wax in Animal Fur My pet rabbit knocked over a large outdoor Citrus candle that had sat in the rain and got wax all over his face and arms. The candle wasn't lit, but the wax was liquid and now his fur is stiff with this stuff, even around his mouth. Does anyone know a safe way to remove it? -- "LuAnn Krause" Reply

A: Wax on Bunny . If there is still wax on your bunnies fur if you rub the wax with an ice cube it will get hard and peel off without hurting him - I learned this when the same thing happened to my long haired cat. -- Debbie  "Debbie Mann, RN, CCM" Comment 


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