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Oily and sticky residues.

Our readers have listed the following solvents for removing sticky residues: WD40, Denatured Alcohol, Vegetable Oil, also proprietary brands such as Goo Gone and others. There is a mention of Rubber Cement and laquer thinners, which must be used with extra caution, and of course Nail Varnish remover which contains Acetone and will dissolve plastics. The most effective solvent is Toluene but it is hard to get hold of unless you are an industrial chemist. All such solvents must be used with care, test them out on a hidden surface if the item in case it damages the surface. This applies in particular to industrial solvents such as trichlorethylene and dry cleaning fluids. Use only in well ventilated areas and do not allow them to come in contact with your skin.

Q: Sticker stains. How do you remove old stickers from a Formica top and window glass. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks -- "Maria Sforza"   Reply  (Ref:0039)

A: Use 'Goo Gone' you can find it in Sears Hardware Stores -- "Patt1

A: Rubber cement thinner which you can buy at most art supply stores and some office supply stores removes most adhesives used on labels. Scrape off as much of the paper from the label as possible before applying the thinner and rubbing with a cloth or paper towel. It works great on glass, Formica and most non porous surfaces but will cloud many plastics. Also, it is extremely flammable. Lighter fluid often will also remove rubber based adhesives -- "Bob Lipson" Reply 

Q: Sticky Residue on Iron. I ironed something that has left a sticky residue on the face of my iron. What is the best way to clean it so it doesn't stick to other clothes I'm trying to iron? -- Reply   (Ref: 0085)

A: Try lacquer thinners. -- Stan Smiyt:  

Q: Grease on a Carpet

Q: Remove Labels from Fiberglas showers

Q: Duct Tape  i bought a shirt at a local show and the people selling it wrapped it up with duct tape. How can i get the duct tape off?  Reply  (Ref:0672) 

A: Duct Tape Residue. WD40 followed by soapy water - Annie Westwood

A#2: Duct Tape Marks. Use Goo Gone or Mineral Spirits for any residues. WD40 can leave a smell for a while but will go in time. Margaretta P

Q: Fly Tape Adhesive. How do I remove fly tape adhesive from my dogs fur? -- 2bmom1956   Reply (Ref:0973)

A: Use Baby Oil. This just happened to my dog and baby oil got it out easily. You could also try vegetable oil. Then I just washed with soap and water.-- Lisa Comment 10/08/2011

Unanswered Queries

Q: Removing bathtub non slip drips and glue off tub. How do you remove the glue from the bathtub from the nonslip strips that were taken off? Everything that I tried won't work -- "Marlene Kaja" Reply 05 Sep 1999 (Ref:0974)

Q: Sticky Residues: I have found that to remove sticky residue from many surfaces, use silicone spray. I prefer this to WD-40, cause it smells better. For labels on glass, plastic, etc, spray, wait a little, wash either in dishwater, or with a wet dishcloth and a few drops of dish detergent, and it's gone! Sometimes a reapplication is necessary if there's a lot of glue or whatever. I understand that this works, too, removing bumper stickers. Although it has to completely saturated, and has to soak longer, and usually you do have to reapply. I keep a can of silicone spray in my kitchen cupboard ALWAYS! (I even removed all the heavy glue from a plastic peanut butter jar, just to see if I could! It took a little work, but I did it!) --  (Ms) Jonnie T Williams "Jonnie" Reply 15 Sep 2002

Q: Terra-Cotta Cookware. I am baking pizza on terra cotta stone. With usage oil has been absorbed into the stone. How does one clean oil residue from the terra-cotta? The manufacturer's recommendation was to clean the stone simply by rinsing it in clear water and never use a soap. I tried burning off the oil in a hot oven, but this produced a plastic-like residue which I believe is harmful. (Ref:.0001)

Q: Duct Tape  i bought a shirt at a local show and the people selling it wrapped it up with duct tape. How can i get the duct tape off?  Reply  (Ref:0672) 

Q: Kitchen cabinets. Can anyone tell a way to get grease build-up off oak cabinets without hurting the finish?  "Brenda Craven" Reply (Ref:0003)

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