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Vehicle Problems: 

Q: US Driving license in UK. Can I use a US license in England. We are visiting Sheffield next year and I would like to get around and see some more of the country. -- Reggie Butters Reply

A: US driving license in UK: I've rented cars in England, Spain, Japan, and Ireland with no difficulty, have driven, and have even been pulled over (a little right-left confusion) and my California license has not been a problem. Enjoy! –Jon

Q: Overheating Mercury Topaz
Your tips-n-hints on car repairs identified my problem with a 1993 Mercury Topaz that keeps over heating on me while idling at traffic lights. I'm certain that my problem is just a blown fuse to my electric cooling fan. My problem is LOCATING the FUSE!

The manual indicates the fan has an in-line fuse. BUT from what little I can see from following the wires leading away from the cooling fan towards the rest of the mass of electrical wiring I do not see this in line fuse. Or at least ?I cannot tell it is a fuse.

How would I know it if I was looking at one? The normal fuses I have seen the in line fuses that allow for one to un- snap the fuse apart and pop in a new fuse. What are the other types? and how would I recognize them.

I'm hoping that is the only reason for this problem but I would like to try that first before I delve into the worse case scenario, going to the local mechanic!

Obviously I'm no mechanic, so enlighten me with some wisdom on these things. 

Thanks, of course, Overheated in Texas -- Reply  (BALDE G QUINTANILLA)

A: It is probably easier to put in a new wire and fuse than try to trace the existing one thru the wiring loom.  -- Mario Gol-Shekan Trysafe Milton Keynes England.

Q: Hyundai Sonata. I have a 1991 Hyundai Sonata. It used to have an alarm system but when I got it used all that was left was a blinking light. When I go to start my  car sometimes it just clicks and sometimes I have to click it many times  before it will start. I know the battery, starter and just about everything connected to it works great. I've been told that because of this alarm system the mother board is telling it something so it won't start.  Could this be true or what do you know about these cars. Also there is a  little fuse box connected to the battery positive terminal. There are 2 fuses  and something that looks like a jumper. Even the dealership doesn't seem to know much about these cars. What and where can I find this jumper or whatever it is? Also my battery went dead one time and now my radio  won't come on.. I don't have the code because I bought it used. Is the only  way I can get it working is pull the radio and get some number off of it and send that to the factory to get the code? It also started getting the check engine light on coming on recently. The fluids are all okay, it doesn't  boil over and the temperature stays the same. When I turn the heater on it  gets real, real hot and then the light will go off. I've been told this is  normal but it never used to do this. I think something is heating the engine up  but I can't figure out what. Please. please help me if you can.  -- Carol.Pick Reply  (Ref:0643) 

Q: Low oil pressure. Hello I have a problem with my oil pressure. It is low and I don't know what the problem is. "Jonathan Hendrickson" Reply   Any ideas on these automotive related problems anyone?   

Q: Oil Pressure . Hi. There's no date on the message, so I hope you've got some answers. Maybe not, so here goes. Low oil pressure is usually because the bearings are worn out, but could be other problems too. Old engines get sludge built up inside, especially if the oil isn't changed often enough. Sludge can build up and clog the screen in the oil pan so not enough oil can be picked up to lubricate the engine. It basically "starves" for lack of oil. If your red light is on, or the oil gauge reads almost zero, your engine will fail very shortly. Of course, you checked the oil level on the dip stick, right? I assume so. You could try adding some oil thickeners like STP oil treatment and see if the pressure comes up. You may need thicker oil like 50 wt. if the engine is old and worn out. If by the time you get this message the car still runs, I'd get to the nearest mechanic asap. You may be looking at a new motor sooner than later. Good luck. -- Paul McCloud .. 12/04/08

Paul McCloud
Service Technician for PianoSD

Q: Vehicle-1990 Cadillac-Repair Question  I have a 1990 Cadillac deville. When I turn the ignition on and off, there is a clicking sound which lasts for about five seconds. Someone told me it is supposed to do this but this just started about a month ago. Any Ideas?  --  mike smulders Reply

Q: My car loses power in winter! I have a Mk 2, VW Golf CL, (1984) with a 1600cc engine. During the winter and at high speed only, it progressively begins losing power. This does not happen suddenly, it sort of 'coughs', but it is not like a backfire nor is audible! This eventually results in us having to pull over. After about half an hour, the car is fine. The pattern repeats itself sooner or later. The car also seems to be using more petrol than usual. It also starts very poorly in the morning. It is almost as if the car is not breathing properly. Can anyone help, my mechanic can't! -- "Angus Ferguson" Reply  (Ref:0130)

Q: 82 Monte Carlo  hey how's it going? well I have a general question about my car I have 4-5 belts linking my fan, alternator and AC and stuff together... Do you know which belts goes over which pulley?  -- "Joe Hinton" Reply


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